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@chmouel chmouel/gist:404193
Created May 17, 2010

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import sys
from org.apache.commons.httpclient.protocol import Protocol
from com.vmware.vcloud.sdk import VcloudClient, Organization, Vdc
from com.vmware.vcloud.sdk.samples import FakeSSLSocketFactory
class VcloudLogin(object):
VcloudLogin: Login to vcloud class
vcloudClient = None
api_version = None
vcloud_url = None
def __init__(self, vcloud_url, api_version):
# This is needed if you have a self certified certificate
# remove it if you have a proper SSL certs.
self.vcloud_url = vcloud_url
self.api_version = api_version
def setup_fake_ssl(self):
https = Protocol("https", FakeSSLSocketFactory(), 443)
Protocol.registerProtocol("https", https)
def login(self, username, password):
versions = VcloudClient.getSupportedVersions(self.vcloud_url + "/api/versions")
self.vcloudClient = VcloudClient(versions.get(self.api_version))
return self.vcloudClient.login(username, password)
if __name__ == '__main__':
vcl = VcloudLogin(URL, API_VERSION)
organizations_list = vcl.login(USERNAME, PASSWORD)
for org in organizations_list.values():
for vdcLink in \
Organization.getOrganizationByReference(vcl.vcloudClient, org).getVdcLinks():
vdc = Vdc.getVdc(vcl.vcloudClient, vdcLink)
print "VDC Href: %s\n" % (vdcLink.getHref())
for vapps in vdc.getVappRefs():
print "Name: %s URL: %s" % (vapps.getName(), vapps.getHref())
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