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Anton chmutoff

  • Alicante (Spain)
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Last active Mar 23, 2022
Cisco CCNA (200-125) command summary

Cisco CCNA (200-125) command summary

Working with configuration

Show configuration

show running-config
show stored-config
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Last active Dec 7, 2022
JNCIA-Junos (JN0-103) summary

JNCIA-Junos (JN0-103) summary


Author: Anton Chmutov Derevianko

Product portfolio


  • M Series - first product by Juniper Networks, multiservice router (routing and MPLS services, no switches) Designed for enterprise and service providers.
  • T Series - no switching, only routing, old, performance upgrade for M. High end and core routers.
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Created Feb 28, 2021
Home Assistant KVM installation
# Install HassOS with the QCOW2 image from
virt-install --import --name Home_Assistant \
--memory 4096 --vcpus 1 --cpu host \
--disk hassos_ova.qcow2,format=qcow2,bus=virtio \
--network bridge=br0,model=virtio \
--os-type=linux \
--os-variant=generic \
--graphics vnc,listen=,port=5903 \
--autostart \
--noautoconsole \
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Last active Dec 7, 2022
RIPE Database Associate

Unit 1 - Introduction to the RIPE Database

The RIPE Database has these four main uses

  • Keep contact information
  • Register IP addresses and AS Numbers
  • Publish routing policies
  • Provide reverse delegation

There are four ways of updating the database

  • Webupdates: It is a web form.
chmutoff / automations.yaml
Last active Feb 9, 2022
Digoo DG-R8S Home Assistant integration using Pilight gateway
View automations.yaml
- alias: "DIGOO R8S"
description: "DIGOO R8S Remote Sensor"
- platform: mqtt
topic: "home/OpenMQTTGateway_ESP8266_Pilight/PilighttoMQTT"
- condition: template
value_template: "{{ trigger.payload_json.protocol == 'tfa' }}"
- condition: template
value_template: '{{ trigger.payload_json.message.temperature > -10 }}'
chmutoff / dimmer-modded-rocker.yaml
Last active Jul 10, 2022
ESPHOME config for MOES 2 Gang WiFi Dimmer
View dimmer-modded-rocker.yaml
device_name: 2-gang-dimmer
device_description: MOES 2 Gang WiFi Dimmer
friendly_name: Living Room Dimmer
name: ${device_name}
comment: ${device_description}