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@chobie chobie/20140902
Created Sep 1, 2014

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macbook-2% python3 interoperability/
hostname localhost port 1883
clean up starting
clean up finished
Basic test starting
Basic test succeeded
Retained message test starting
Retained message test succeeded
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "interoperability/", line 231, in offline_message_queueing_test
assert len(callback.messages) in [2, 3], callback.messages
AssertionError: []
Offline message queueing test failed
Will message test succeeded
Overlapping subscriptions test starting
This server is publishing one message for all matching overlapping subscriptions, not one for each.
Overlapping subscriptions test succeeded
Keepalive test starting
Keepalive test succeeded
Redelivery on reconnect test starting
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "interoperability/", line 309, in redelivery_on_reconnect_test
assert len(callback2.messages) == 2, "length should be 2: %s" % callback2.messages
AssertionError: length should be 2: []
Redelivery on reconnect test failed
test suite failed
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