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Forked from buu700/jquery.waituntilexists.js
Created July 7, 2013 14:09
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(function ($) {
* @function
* @property {object} jQuery plugin which runs handler function once specified element is inserted into the DOM
* @param {function} handler A function to execute at the time when the element is inserted
* @param {bool} shouldRunHandlerOnce Optional: if true, handler is unbound after its first invocation
* @example $(selector).waitUntilExists(function);
$.fn.waitUntilExists = function (handler, shouldRunHandlerOnce, isChild) {
var found = 'found';
var $this = $(this.selector);
var $elements = $this.not(function () { return $(this).data(found); }).each(handler).data(found, true);
if (!isChild)
(window.waitUntilExists_Intervals = window.waitUntilExists_Intervals || {})[this.selector] =
window.setInterval(function () { $this.waitUntilExists(handler, shouldRunHandlerOnce, true); }, 500)
else if (shouldRunHandlerOnce && $elements.length)
return $this;
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