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Last active Mar 31, 2019
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Generate TV Script
gen_length = 500
The prime word is used as the start word for the text generation.
To generate different text try different prime words like:
prime_word = 'homer_simpson'
loaded_graph = tf.Graph()
with tf.Session(graph=loaded_graph) as sess:
# Load saved model
loader = tf.train.import_meta_graph(save_dir + '.meta')
loader.restore(sess, save_dir)
# Get Tensors from loaded model
input_text, initial_state, final_state, probs = get_tensors(loaded_graph)
# Sentences generation setup
gen_sentences = [prime_word + ':']
prev_state =, {input_text: np.array([[1]])})
# Generate sentences
for n in range(gen_length):
# Dynamic Input
dyn_input = [[vocab_to_int[word] for word in gen_sentences[-seq_length:]]]
dyn_seq_length = len(dyn_input[0])
# Get Prediction
probabilities, prev_state =
[probs, final_state],
{input_text: dyn_input, initial_state: prev_state})
pred_word = pick_word(probabilities[0][dyn_seq_length-1], int_to_vocab)
# Remove tokens
tv_script = ' '.join(gen_sentences)
for key, token in tokenized_punctuation.items():
ending = ' ' if key in ['\n', '(', '"'] else ''
tv_script = tv_script.replace(' ' + token.lower(), key)
tv_script = tv_script.replace('\n ', '\n')
tv_script = tv_script.replace('( ', '(')
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