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Created March 26, 2019 10:28
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Build training graph
train_graph = tf.Graph()
with train_graph.as_default():
vocab_size = len(int_to_vocab)
input_text, targets, lr = get_inputs()
input_data_shape = tf.shape(input_text)
cell, initial_state = get_init_cell(input_data_shape[0], rnn_size)
logits, final_state = build_nn(cell, rnn_size, input_text, vocab_size, embed_dim)
# Probabilities for generating words
probs = tf.nn.softmax(logits, name='probs')
# Loss function
cost = seq2seq.sequence_loss(
tf.ones([input_data_shape[0], input_data_shape[1]]))
# Optimizer
optimizer = tf.train.AdamOptimizer(lr)
# Gradient Clipping
gradients = optimizer.compute_gradients(cost)
capped_gradients = [(tf.clip_by_value(grad, -1., 1.), var) for grad, var in gradients if grad is not None]
train_op = optimizer.apply_gradients(capped_gradients)
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