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Last active Mar 28, 2019
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create TFRecords
lumi dataset transform --type csv --data-dir data/ --output-dir tfdata/ --split train --split val --only-classes=table

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@jyoti59n jyoti59n commented Dec 25, 2018


I'm unable to run the above luminoth script - trying to replicate the run on the same set of train/val images that you have used. I get the following message:

'Columns missing from CSV: {}'.format(missing_keys) Columns missing from CSV: {'xmin', 'ymax', 'xmax', 'image_id', 'label', 'ymin'}

Also notice that this error throws up for a random order of the csv columns for different runs. e.g. in an earlier run the message was Columns missing from CSV: {'xmax', 'ymin', 'image_id', 'xmin', 'ymax', 'label'}

Would you be able to suggest what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks.


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@goodhamgupta goodhamgupta commented Jan 16, 2019

Hi @jyoti59n,

There is a problem with the given train.csv and val.csv files. The header rows are missing because of which you get the missing columns error(Check the _check_csv function of the csv_reader in luminoth here).

Add the following to the first line of both the flies:


It should work after this change.

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