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#TimelineSignpostButton {
.TimelineButton {
text-indent: 60px; // Allows label text to be hidden when button shrinks
.SignpostLevel1 &.TimelineButton {
width: 116px; // Wide button with label
.SignpostLevel1 &.TimelineButton,
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<div id="TimelineSignpostButton" class="TimelineButton">
<span class="ButtonIcon">Signpost</span>
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<%= content_tag(:body, {
class: [
} %>
<%# The rest of the page %>
<% end %>
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module UserLevels
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
included do
def signposting_level
signpost_count = Signpost
.where('created_at > ?', 3.months.ago)
return 3 if signpost_count > 60
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git submodule init
git submodule update
xcodebuild -scheme HAWCommonTestsCL -sdk iphonesimulator \
TEST_AFTER_BUILD=YES -arch i386 clean build | grep "BUILD SUCCEEDED"
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[scenario addStep:[KIFTestStep stepWithDescription:@"HAWMessageThreads table should be empty" executionBlock:^(KIFTestStep *step, NSError **error) {
NSArray *threads = [HAWMessageThread MR_findAll];
KIFTestCondition(threads.count == 0, error, @"Threads table should have no threads");
return KIFTestStepResultSuccess;
View gist:5729531
[scenario addStep:[KIFTestStep stepToWaitForTappableViewWithAccessibilityLabel:@"Date Card" value:@"date_stream_user_0" traits:UIAccessibilityTraitNone]];
[scenario addStep:[KIFTestStep stepToTapViewWithAccessibilityLabel:@"Date Card" value:@"date_stream_user_0" traits:UIAccessibilityTraitNone atPoint:CGPointMake(1, 1)]];
[scenario addStep:[KIFTestStep stepToWaitForTappableViewWithAccessibilityLabel:@"View All Dates"]];
[scenario addStep:[KIFTestStep stepToTapViewWithAccessibilityLabel:@"View All Dates"]];
[scenario addStep:[KIFTestStep stepToWaitForTappableViewWithAccessibilityLabel:NSLocalizedString(@"Ask_Out", @"")]];
[scenario addStep:[KIFTestStep stepToTapViewWithAccessibilityLabel:NSLocalizedString(@"Ask_Out", @"")]];
[scenario addStep:[KIFTestStep stepToWaitForViewWithAccessibilityLabel:@"Upgrade to connect\nwith date_stream_user_0"]];
View gist:5729523
+ (void)swapMethod:(SEL)origM withMethod:(SEL)newM inClass:(Class)class {
Method origMethod = class_getInstanceMethod(class, origM);
Method newMethod = class_getInstanceMethod(class, newM);
if (class_addMethod(class, origM, method_getImplementation(newMethod), method_getTypeEncoding(newMethod))) {
class_replaceMethod(class, newM, method_getImplementation(origMethod), method_getTypeEncoding(origMethod));
} else {
method_exchangeImplementations(origMethod, newMethod);
View gist:5729520
it(@"lets you archive an item from the inbox only", ^{
messageStore.mode = MessageStoreInbox;
[messageStore addThreadIDs:@[@123, @234, @345]];
messageStore.mode = MessageStoreSent;
[[theBlock(^{ [messageStore archiveThreadAtIndex:1u to:1u]; }) should] raise];
messageStore.mode = MessageStoreArchive;
[messageStore addThreadIDs:@[@456, @567, @678]];
[[theBlock(^{ [messageStore archiveThreadAtIndex:1u to:1u]; }) should] raise];
View gist:5729512
beforeEach(^{ messageStore = [[MessageStore alloc] init]; }); // uninitialized
afterEach(^{ messageStore = nil; });
it(@"says whether you can archive messages in the current folder", ^{
[[theBlock(^{ [messageStore canArchiveThreads]; }) should] raise];
messageStore.mode = MessageStoreInbox;
[[theValue(messageStore.canArchiveThreads) should] equal:theValue(YES)];
messageStore.mode = MessageStoreSent;
[[theValue(messageStore.canArchiveThreads) should] equal:theValue(NO)];
messageStore.mode = MessageStoreArchive;
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