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including date published in model
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
# creating variable for time one week ago
today_date =
one_week_ago_date = today_date - timedelta(7)
one_week_ago_string = datetime(year=one_week_ago_date.year,month=one_week_ago_date.month,'%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ')
# updating the search by adding 'publishedAfter'
results ='coding', part='snippet', type='video',
order='viewCount', maxResults=100, publishedAfter=one_week_ago_string).execute()
# incorporating ratio limit and days since published into final custom score:
def custom_score(viewcount, ratio, days_since_published):
if ratio > 5:
ratio = 5
score = (viewcount * ratio) / days_since_published
return score
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