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Last active October 25, 2022 21:29
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open class ScopedViewModel : ViewModel() {
private val job = Job()
protected val scope: CoroutineScope = job + Dispatchers.Main
override fun onCleared() {
class DetailViewModel : ScopedViewModel() {
fun startTask() {
scope.launch {
// Switch the 'background' thread
withContext(Dispatchers.Default) {
// do your long-running thing
// We're now back on the Android's Main thread (since we're using
// the ScopedViewModel's scope)
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Yes, it doesn't compile, I have solved it like this:
protected val scope: CoroutineScope = CoroutineScope(Dispatchers.Main + job)

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iam1492 commented Nov 10, 2018

Great stuff!
Is it ok implement CoroutineScope from viewModel and just use launch instead of scope.launch?

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