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* A very basic example of retrieving a feed of Instagram posts and appending it to a container
* @param {String} accessToken - Access token from Instagram <>
* @param {String} containerSelector - The id or classs of the DOM Element we're append our feed into
* @param {String} rootClass - The class we'll use for each Instagram DOM Element
* @param {String} totalImages - How many images we're fetching from the API
* @version 0.1
* @author Chris Boakes
export default class InstagramFeed {
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View custom-google-map.js
/* global google */
* Custom Google Maps class with custom colours
* @param String container - the selector for the map to appear in
* @param Object center - the lat/lng of the center of the map
* @param INT zoom - how zoomed in do we want the map to be
* @param Object markerLocation - the lat/lng of the marker
* @param String markerSVG - optimised SVG of marker
* @param INT markerSVGWidth - the height of our custom marker
* @param INT markerSVGHeight - the height of our custom marker
View object-fit-polyfill.js
* Polyfill for browsers that do not support 'object-fit'
* Replaces any image with a 'data-object-fit' attribute with a div with a background-image
* @author Chris Boakes & Gemma Black
export class ObjectFitPolyfill {
constructor() {
this.dataSelector = '[data-object-fit]';
this.backgroundSize = 'cover';
this.cssClass = 'u-fill-image';