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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Sample app</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="words.css">
<!-- This is the bootstrap script for Polymer.
Use this INSTEAD of dart.js -->
<script src="packages/polymer/boot.js"></script>
<p>Hello world from Dart!</p>
<polymer-element name="word-element" attributes="chars">
<h2>Drag and drop the letters to form anagrams</h2>
<div id='container'>
<div class="char" draggable="true">a</div>
<div class="char" draggable="true">b</div>
<div class="char" draggable="true">c</div>
<template repeat="{{chars}}">
<div class="char" draggable="true">{{}}</div>
<script type="application/dart">
import 'package:polymer/polymer.dart';
import 'dart:html';
import 'dart:async';
class WordElement extends PolymerElement with ObservableMixin {
@observable List chars;
inserted() { {
var charDivs = this.shadowRoot.queryAll('.char');
<div id="sample_container_id">
<template id="tmpl" bind>
<word-element chars="{{}}"></word-element>
<script type="application/dart">
import 'dart:html';
main() {
query('#tmpl').model = ['d','e','f'];
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