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SQL Explorer Release Checklist
  • Update HISTORY
  • Update README and check formatting with
  • Make sure any new files are included in
  • Update version number in explorer/
  • Update any package dependencies in
  • Commit the changes:
git add .
git commit -m "Release 1.0.0"
  • Build & test the source distribution:
python sdist
z explorer
cd dist
tar xzvf django-sql-explorer-x.x.tar.gz
cd django-sql-explorer-x.x/
python install startproject explorertest
cd explorertest/explorertest/
>> from django.core.urls include url, include
>> url(r'^explorer/', include('explorer.urls')),
>> add 'explorer' to installed apps
python migrate
python createsuperuser
python runserver
>> log in and try it!
  • Release on PyPI:
python sdist upload
  • Test that it pip installs:
pip install my_project
  • Tag the last git commit with the version number:
git tag -a 0.1.1

Put the same message as in HISTORY.rst.

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