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chrise86 / active_link_to.rb
Created March 28, 2023 09:03 — forked from dcyoung-dev/active_link_to.rb
An `active_link_to` helper that adds the `.active` class and sets `aria-current="page"`
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chrise86 / generators-service-USAGE
Created June 22, 2022 08:30 — forked from RobinDaugherty/generators-service-USAGE
Rails generator for services and lib objects
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Stubs a new Service object in the `lib` folder and a spec for it.
Providing a list of argument names will set up the initializer to accept them
and create private accessors for each of them.
To create a service within a module, specify the service name as a
path like 'parent_module/service_name' or 'ParentModule::ServiceName'.
chrise86 / Confetti.tsx
Created April 9, 2020 07:16 — forked from ShopifyEng/Confetti.tsx
Building Arrive's Confetti in React Native with Reanimated - Confetti Final
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import React, {useMemo} from 'react'
import Animated from 'react-native-reanimated'
import {View, Dimensions, StyleSheet} from 'react-native'
import FastImage from 'react-native-fast-image'
import ConfettiImage from 'assets/images/confetti.png'
const NUM_CONFETTI = 100
const COLORS = ['#00e4b2', '#09aec5', '#107ed5']
const CONFETTI_SIZE = 16
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/* Fixing back button in normal density */
:root:not([uidensity=compact]) #back-button {
padding-top: 0 !important;
padding-bottom: 0 !important;
:root:not([uidensity=compact]) #back-button > .toolbarbutton-icon {
background-color: unset !important;
border: none !important;
chrise86 / call_template.rb
Last active March 2, 2018 11:30 — forked from juggy/call_template.rb
Render a complete page in rails 5 without controller
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# create the template
template =
template.quote = quote
template.pages = quote.build_pages
# Here I render a template with layout to a string then a PDF
pdf = template.render_to_string(:template=>"quotes/review.html.haml")
chrise86 /
Created January 18, 2018 11:01 — forked from brunofacca/
Rails API token authentication with Tiddle gem in apps with web views

This gist attempts to explain how to implement token authentication in Rails, using Devise and Tiddle. Tiddle was designed to provide token auth for API-only Rails apps. However, the following instructions will enable you to use it in Rails apps which have both APIs and web views.

##Why Tiddle?

Devise is the obvious choice for authentication on Rails. However, token authentication was

chrise86 / application_helper.rb
Last active November 18, 2017 09:49 — forked from dnagir/application_helper.rb
Render a different variant in rails
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module ApplicationHelper
def with_variant(new_variant, &block)
old_variants = lookup_context.variants
lookup_context.variants = [new_variant]
lookup_context.variants = old_variants
chrise86 / pundit_namespaces.rb
Created July 25, 2017 19:39 — forked from spieker/pundit_namespaces.rb
Namespaces for Pundit policies
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# This concern enables namespaces in Pundit. In order to use it, put this
# module into the `app/controllers/concerns` folder of your project and then
# include the module into the controller you want to namespace the policies in
# after the include of Pundit.
# To secify the namespace to use, overwrite the `pundit_namespace` method on
# your controller then.
# Example
# =======
chrise86 / after.rb
Created July 25, 2017 13:22 — forked from mperham/after.rb
Thread-friendly shared connection
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class ActiveRecord::Base
mattr_accessor :shared_connection
@@shared_connection = nil
def self.connection
@@shared_connection || => 1) { retrieve_connection }
ActiveRecord::Base.shared_connection = ActiveRecord::Base.connection
chrise86 / ruby_boolean.rb
Created July 12, 2017 12:39
How to implement a Boolean-Class for Ruby.
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# This is an extract from
# The specs will work only in the full environment of the application.
# Anyhow, this example should show you how to define a Boolean-value
# for ruby.
# Because HTML-Forms will post checkbox-values as "0"/"1" rather than false/true
# this class will handle 0,"0",false as FalseValue, and 1,"1",true as TrueValue