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@chriseidhof chriseidhof/:( forked from kostiakoval/:(
Created Nov 4, 2014

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import Foundation
import ImageIO
infix operator >>= { associativity left }
func >>=<A,B>(l: A?, r: A -> B?) -> B? {
if let x = l {
return r(x)
return nil
func flatMap<A,B>(list: [A], f: A -> B?) -> [B] {
var result : [B] = []
for x in list {
if let value = f(x) {
return result
func datesFromImagesInDir(dir: String) -> [NSDate] {
let fm = NSFileManager.defaultManager()
var error: NSError?
let df = NSDateFormatter()
df.dateFormat = "yyyy:MM:dd HH:mm:ss"
typealias rn_CGPropDictionary = Dictionary<String, AnyObject>
var dates = [NSDate]()
let options = [(kCGImageSourceShouldCache as String): false]
let dateTimeOriginal = { (exif: rn_CGPropDictionary) in (exif[kCGImagePropertyExifDateTimeOriginal] as? String) }
let exif = { (imageProperties: rn_CGPropDictionary) in imageProperties[kCGImagePropertyExifDictionary] as? rn_CGPropDictionary }
let imageProperties = { CGImageSourceCopyPropertiesAtIndex($0, 0, options) as? rn_CGPropDictionary }
let imageSource = { CGImageSourceCreateWithURL($0, nil) }
let absoluteURL = { (fileName: String) in NSURL(fileURLWithPath: dir)?.URLByAppendingPathComponent(fileName) }
let directoryContents = fm.contentsOfDirectoryAtPath(dir, error: &error) as? [String]
return {
return flatMap($0) { fileName in
absoluteURL(fileName) >>= imageSource >>= imageProperties >>= exif >>= dateTimeOriginal >>= df.dateFromString
} ?? []

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chriseidhof commented Nov 4, 2014

This is a bit longer, but almost everything is reusable... lines 36-39 could be pulled out. Also, the two functions are of course reusable across any project.


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rnystrom commented Nov 4, 2014

I love it. Didn't think to capture each step in a closure. I was thinking of breaking everything out into their own functions but didn't like that since each step is really only relevant to this implementation. I really appreciate it!

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