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Created January 26, 2015 14:41
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Typed Notifications
import Foundation
class Box<T> {
let unbox: T
init(_ value: T) { self.unbox = value }
struct Notification<A> {
let name: String
func postNotification<A>(note: Notification<A>, value: A) {
let userInfo = ["value": Box(value)]
NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().postNotificationName(, object: nil, userInfo: userInfo)
class NotificationObserver {
let observer: NSObjectProtocol
init<A>(notification: Notification<A>, block aBlock: A -> ()) {
observer = NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().addObserverForName(, object: nil, queue: nil) { note in
if let value = (note.userInfo?["value"] as? Box<A>)?.unbox {
} else {
assert(false, "Couldn't understand user info")
deinit {
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Good one! Did you write code like this for KVO?

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