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Created November 3, 2019 19:55
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AutoHotkey Typer Script
; Sends user-entered text to most recently used program -LTLG, 27JUN06
; Disables the little "H" systray icon while program runs
; Allows more than one copy to run at once
#SingleInstance, OFF
Gui, Add, Edit, x16 y50 w370 h70 vTextFodder,
Gui, Add, Text, x206 y120 w40 h20 , Times:
Gui, Add, Button, x276 y120 w110 h30 Default, &Giddyup!
Gui, Add, Edit, x246 y120 w30 h20 vFireCount, 1
Gui, Add, Text, x16 y10 w370 h30 , Welcome to Elgee's text enter-er. Simply enter the text you want typed`, choose how many times you want it typed`, and hit "Giddyup!"
Gui, Add, Text, x396 y10 w50 h90 , Modifiers:`n`n! Alt`n^ Ctrl`n+ Shift`n# Win
Gui, Add, CheckBox, x16 y120 w180 h30 vRawify, Interpret modifiers and special characters (at right)
Gui, Add, Text, x456 y10 w70 h170 , Special:`n`n{PAUSE}`n{TAB}`n{ALTDOWN}`n{CTRLUP}`n{DEL}`n{BS}`n{ENTER}`n{LEFT}`n{HOME}`n{{}, {}}, {!}, {+}`netc...
Gui, Add, Edit, x246 y160 w30 h20 vDelayify, 0
Gui, Add, Text, x16 y160 w220 h20 , Number of milliseconds between keystrokes
Gui, Add, Edit, x246 y180 w30 h20 vPausin, 0
Gui, Add, Text, x16 y180 w220 h20 , Number of milliseconds in a {PAUSE}
Gui, Add, Text, x396 y100 w50 h80 , Reserved:`n`n{, }`n!, ^, +, #
; Generated using SmartGUI Creator 4.0
Gui, Show, x135 y109 h208 w537, Elgee's Typer
Esc::ExitApp ;Escape key will exit
; This defines the actions of the Giddyup! button
Gui, Submit, NoHide ;commits edit box data to variables
Gui, Minimize ;Minimizes the GUI
; MsgBox, TextFodder is %TextFodder%`nFireCount is %FireCount%`nRawify is %Rawify%`nDelayify is %Delayify%`nDelayify is %A_KeyDelay%`nPausin is %Pausin%
SetKeyDelay, % Delayify
Loop, % FireCount
IfEqual, Rawify, 0
;MsgBox Raw
SendRaw, %TextFodder%
PauseCheck(TextFodder,Pausin) ;send text, and pause time for check and typing
GUI, Restore ;brings back the GUI
PauseCheck(Fodder, Pausin)
StringGetPos, pos, Fodder, {PAUSE}
If pos > 0
StringLeft, LeftBit, Fodder, pos
StringRight, RightBit, Fodder, StrLen(Fodder) - pos - 7
; MsgBox, I would PauseCheck %LeftBit%, wait for %Pausin%, and PauseCheck %RightBit%
PauseCheck(LeftBit, Pausin)
Sleep, Pausin
PauseCheck(RightBit, Pausin)
Send, %Fodder%
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