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Tool Syntax with IPv6

Some tools allow or even require -6 as a command line option, and curl requires an IPv6 address to be in [] (square brackets). Also, for link local addresses, you usually have to specify the local interface you want to use.

  • ping 2001:7b8:666:ffff::1:42 -I eth0
  • nmap -6 2001:7b8:666:ffff::1:42%eth0
  • curl http://[2001:7b8:666:ffff::1:42]:8080/ --interface eth0
  • wget http://[2001:7b8:666:ffff::1:42]:8080/
  • telnet -6 2001:7b8:666:ffff::1:42
  • nc -6 2001:7b8:666:ffff::1:42%eth0 23

Want to find link local addresses for systems in your network segment? Try hitting local hosts and routers with these multicast addresses:

  • ping6 ff02::1 -c2
  • ping6 ff02::2 -c2 Then see what's in your ARP cache NDISC cache list:
  • ip neigh
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