View SubsetTree.ts
import { Queue } from "typescript-collections";
const subsetFunctions = new WeakMap<SubsetTree<any>, IsSubsetFunction<any>>();
const subsetMemos = new WeakMap<IsSubsetFunction<any>, WeakMap<any, WeakMap<any, boolean>>>();
* A subset tree self organizes new nodes such that they will be added to place
* in the tree where it is guaranteed that all nodes in the tree that have
* values that are subsets of the value in the new node are descendants of that
View IdentityDictionary.ts
import {
} from "typescript-collections";
* This data structure is effectively a Set but it is optimized for
* retrieving the instance associated with the set's identity key.
* If an instance implements this interface, the function will be used to
* create it's key value by the default implementation. Otherwise a custom

An example of a simple form

Consider the following markup:

<form class="root" state:theme=dark state:compact>
  <div class="input-area">
    <label for="username" class="label">Username:</label>
    <input id="username" class="input" type="text">
View ChromeUserAgent.css
@namespace "";
html {
display: block;
head {
display: none;
View Cascade.ts
import * as parse5 from "parse5";
import * as postcss from "postcss";
import * as CSSselect from "css-select";
import * as specificity from "specificity";
import * as propParser from "css-property-parser";
type Document = parse5.AST.HtmlParser2.Document;
type Node = parse5.AST.HtmlParser2.Node;
type ParentNode = parse5.AST.HtmlParser2.ParentNode;
type HtmlElement = parse5.AST.HtmlParser2.Element;
View typedAssert.ts
import { assert } from "chai";
export function isDefined<X>(value: X | undefined): {and: (cb: (defValue: X) => any) => void } {
if (value) {
return {
and: function(cb: (v: X) => void) {
} else {
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View syntax_ambiguity.scss
{ color: red; }
color: blue
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View grandparent_mixin.scss
@function up-to($list, $index) {
$l: ();
@each $e in $list {
@if length($l) < $index {
$l: append($l, $e, list-separator($list));
@return $l;