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Last active July 29, 2020 11:37
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struct Query
uint id;
function(uint, bytes memory) external callback;
contract Oracle
event Queried(bytes,function(uint, bytes memory) external);
Query[] public queries;
uint public price;
address immutable owner = msg.sender;
modifier onlyowner { require(msg.sender == owner); _; }
function query(bytes calldata q, function(uint, bytes memory) external callback) public payable returns (uint id) {
require(msg.value == price);
id = queries.length;
queries.push(Query(id, callback));
emit Queried(q, callback);
function resolve(uint id, bytes calldata response) onlyowner public {
Query memory q = queries[id];
delete queries[id];
q.callback(id, response);
function withdraw() onlyowner public {
function setPrice(uint _price) onlyowner public {
price = _price;
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