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PowerShell commandline Uninstall-Programs-Or-Features.ps1
Uninstall one or more Windows Program or Feature, by name or regular expression.
Lists Programs And Features installed on the current machine which match
the -matchingName parameter and then, after force or confirmation, uninstalls them.
Uninstall-Programs-Or-Features SpyWare
Uninstall-Programs-Or-Features "Net Core SDK - 2.1.(1|2|3)"
.PARAMETER matchingName
A regular expression, for instance spyware or "Redistributable \(x64\) - 1(0|1|2)\."
Use quotation marks if it's complicated.
If -force is $true, then uninstallation will proceed without further prompting.
Otherwise, a Y/N prompt will be required, after first showing the list of expected uninstallations
.PARAMETER msiexecParameters
If specified, these parameters are passed to msiexec.
The default is "/q" for no user interaction if the current process has Adminstrator rights,
or "/qb" if not.
Uninstall-Programs-Or-Features SpyWare
Uninstall-Programs-Or-Features "Net Core SDK - 2.1.(1|2|3)"
Uninstallation is done one-by-one in series, calling msiexec for each item.
[Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][ValidateLength(3,9999)][string] $MatchingName,
[string] $msiexecParameters="/q",
[switch] $force
function confirmYN(
[string]$prompt= "Yes or No?",
[string]$promptOnFail="Please choose one of Yes or No" )
$yesPattern= [string]::Join("|", $YesCharacters.ToCharArray())
$noPattern = [string]::Join("|", $NoCharacters.ToCharArray())
$validCharsPattern= [string]::Join("|", $yesPattern,$noPattern )
while( -not ( ($choice= (Read-Host $prompt )) -match $validCharsPattern ) ){ write-warning $promptOnFail }
return $choice -match $yesPattern -and -not ($choice -match $NoPattern)
function amIAdmin
return ([Security.Principal.WindowsPrincipal][Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).
IsInRole( [Security.Principal.WindowsBuiltInRole] "Administrator")
if($msiexecParameters -eq "/q" -and -not (amIAdmin)){
write-warning "msiexec /q only works in an elevated console with Adminstrator rights. Using msiexec /qb instead."
$uninstalls32 = gci $Path32 | % { get-ItemProperty $_.PSPath } | where { $_ -match $MatchingName }
$uninstalls64 = gci $Path64 | % { get-ItemProperty $_.PSPath } | where { $_ -match $MatchingName }
$lines= $( $uninstalls64 + $uninstalls32 | %{
$(if($_.UninstallString -match "^msiexec(\.| )" ){
$_.UninstallString.Replace("/I","/X").Replace("/X{",'/X "{').Replace("}",'}"') + " $msiexecParameters"
if( $lines -is [String]){ $lines = @($lines)}
# --- display a lot before continuing-----------
$uninstalls64 | Format-Table -Property DisplayName, Readme, InstallDate,
@{Label="Guid"; Expression= { $($_.PSPath.Replace($Path64PsPath,"")) } }
if($uninstalls32.Length -gt 0){
"Wow6432Node Versions"
$uninstalls32 | Format-Table -Property DisplayName, Readme,
@{Label="Guid"; Expression= { $($_.PSPath.Replace($Path32PsPath,"")) } }
# --- Do it if confirmed or forced -----------
if($uninstalls64.Length -eq 0 -and $uninstalls32.Length -eq 0){
"Nothing to do."
}elseif( $force -or ($youchose= confirmYN -prompt "Continue with uninstall? (Yes or No)" ) ){
"You chose: $youchose"
$lines | %{
"$_ ... "
& cmd.exe /C "$_"
"Nothing uninstalled."
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