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Export descriptions and notes from PagerDuty into a CSV file.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This script requires pygerduty:
# Given a start date and end date, this sample will export the description and
# notes from all incidents to a CSV file. The CSV file is formatted for use
# with Excel.
# This will export to incident_notes_[start date]_-_[end date].csv in the same
# directory that this script is located in.
# This would be most useful to join with a CSV file as exported from PagerDuty.
# Usage: edit subdomain and specify an API key (must have full access) below.
# (What's the subdomain? Example: --> "demo")
# Then run: python [start date: YYYY-MM-DD] [end date: YYYY-MM-DD]
# Example: python 2015-01-01 2015-03-31
import pygerduty
pager = pygerduty.PagerDuty("[subdomain]", "[api key]")
import sys
import os.path
startdate, enddate = sys.argv[1:]
# This function escapes quotes in notes in a way that's Excel compatible.
# All other characters, including comma and new-line, are handled correctly
# by way of being included within the surrounding quotes.
def escape( str ):
str = str.replace("\"", "\"\"")
return str
my_filename = sys.path[0] + "/incident_notes_%s_-_%s.csv" % (startdate, enddate)
with open(my_filename, 'w',1) as the_file:
the_file.write("Incident ID,Description,Notes\n")
for incident in pager.incidents.list(since=startdate, until=enddate):
if hasattr(incident.trigger_summary_data, 'subject'):
my_description = incident.trigger_summary_data.subject
elif hasattr(incident.trigger_summary_data, 'description'):
my_description = incident.trigger_summary_data.description
my_line = '%s,"%s","' % (incident.incident_number, escape(my_description))
my_count = 0
for note in incident.notes.list(incident_id=incident.incident_number):
my_count += 1
if my_count > 1:
my_line += "\n"
my_line += "%s, %s: %s" % (escape(, escape(note.created_at), escape(note.content))
my_line += "\"\n"

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kiran24d commented Mar 14, 2020

File "/usr/local/opt/python/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/lib/python3.7/urllib/", line 459, in urlsplit
raise ValueError("Invalid IPv6 URL")
ValueError: Invalid IPv6 URL

getting this error

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