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Rails 3.1: Test engine with Cucumber & test/dummy app

Run from the root of the engine project:

rails generate cucumber:install --capybara

Edit features/support/env.rb and add to the top:

ENV["RAILS_ENV"] ||= "test"
require File.expand_path("../../../test/dummy/config/environment.rb",  __FILE__)
ENV["RAILS_ROOT"] ||= File.dirname(__FILE__) + "../../../test/dummy"

Now from the root of the engine project:

cucumber features

visoft commented Aug 9, 2011

Thanks for this!

+1 Worked for me too!

+1 for me too

Woohoo, nice gist. Worked for me too. :-)

StephD commented Apr 10, 2012

+1 Thanks

+1 Woah this worked, thanks!

I keep getting

Migrations are pending. To resolve this issue, run:

    bin/rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=test

Even though I run it. I keep getting this message. Any idea?

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