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import os
from docklib import Dock
from AppKit import NSBundle, NSRunningApplication
from pathlib import Path
import sys
import time
import pwd
uname = sys.argv[3]
uid = pwd.getpwnam(uname)[2]
# app to check if running
app_name = 'Dock'
app_bundle_id = ''
# check if Dock is running - if not - wait
while not NSRunningApplication.runningApplicationsWithBundleIdentifier_(app_bundle_id):
print('Waiting for %s!' % app_name)
home_folder = Path.home()
dock_version = "edu.mxcc.dock.version.1.6"
touch_path = f"{home_folder}/Library/Preferences/{dock_version}"
dock_tickle = f"{home_folder}/Library/Preferences/edu.mxcc.dock.tickle"
if Path(touch_path).exists() and not Path(dock_tickle).exists():
if Path(dock_tickle).exists():
lab_dock = [
"/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2020/Adobe Photoshop",
"/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2021/Adobe Photoshop",
"/Applications/Adobe Illustrator 2020/Adobe",
"/Applications/Adobe Illustrator 2021/Adobe",
"/Applications/Adobe InDesign 2020/Adobe InDesign",
"/Applications/Adobe InDesign 2021/Adobe InDesign",
"/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro 2020/Adobe Premiere Pro",
"/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro 2021/Adobe Premiere Pro",
"/Applications/Adobe After Effects 2020/Adobe After Effects",
"/Applications/Adobe After Effects 2021/Adobe After Effects",
"/Applications/Adobe Audition 2020/Adobe Audition",
"/Applications/Adobe Audition 2021/Adobe Audition",
"/Applications/Adobe Animate 2020/Adobe Animate",
"/Applications/Adobe Animate 2021/Adobe Animate",
"/Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver 2020/Adobe Dreamweaver",
"/Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver 2021/Adobe Dreamweaver",
dock = Dock()
dock.items["persistent-apps"] = [
dock.makeDockAppEntry(item) for item in lab_dock if os.path.exists(item)
dock.items['persistent-others'] = [
dock.makeDockOtherEntry(os.path.expanduser("~/Downloads"), arrangement=2, displayas=0, showas=1)
dock.show_recents = False
dock.tilesize = 48
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