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Show only your latest post on your WordPress site's home page.
Plugin Name: One Post Home
Description: Show only your latest post on the home page
Author: Christopher Davis
Author URI:
License: GPL2
add_filter( 'parse_query', 'wpse41420_one_post' );
* Modifies the $wp_query object when in parses the query variables
* this avoids having to use query_posts and modifies things before they
* get sent to the DB.
* @uses is_main_query to make sure we screw up any other wp_query objects
* @uses is_home to see if this is the main blog page
function wpse41420_one_post( $query )
// make sure we're modifying the main query on the home page
if( ! $query->is_main_query() || ! is_home() ) return;
// Set up one post per page
$query->query_vars['posts_per_page'] = 1;
// ignore stick posts
$query->query_vars['ignore_sticky_posts'] = 1;
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