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My TextMate setup from clean install.

Work in progress...

Download textmate:

Copy into Application folder and Dock.

Register (search GMail for "TextMate" key)

Owner name: Chris Jacob

Preferences > Advanced >
File Pattern:

Download and Install "PeepOpen":

Download and Install RailsCasts Textmate Theme:


Then download and install:


Anonymous Pro

Set Terminal and Textmate to Anonymous Pro. Increase font size to 14 or 16.

ProjectPlus Plugin:

Using THIS fork:

How to Compile a Plugin from Source:

  1. Download ZIP from GitHub.
  2. cd into dir
  3. xcodebuild -project ProjectPlus.xcodeproj/
  4. Should get a build success
  5. cd build/Release/
  6. In Finder double click onProjectPlus.tmplugin to install.


File > Edit Template > PHP 5.2.xx php.ini

magic_quotes_gpc = Off
memory_limit = 128M

File > Edit Template > PHP 5.3.xx php.ini

memory_limit = 128M


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