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Created March 25, 2014 14:14
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<title>Discovery services: next generation of searching scholarly information</title>
<creator>&lt;span class="searchword">Keene&lt;/span>, Chris</creator>
<publisher>United Kingdom Serials Group</publisher>
<identifier>; &lt;span class="searchword">Keene&lt;/span>, Chris (2011) Discovery services: next generation of searching scholarly information. Serials, 24 (2). pp. 193-196. ISSN 0953-0460</identifier>
<subject>ZA4050 Electronic information resources; ZA4450 Databases</subject>
<description>The new breed of resource discovery services is an evolutionary step forward in providing library users with a ‘one-stop shop’ where they can find information sources for their research. They provide a single search box that can search a library’s online and physical content including articles, books, journals, newspaper articles, e-books, specialist collections and more. These discovery services have built on the concepts of both federated searching and next-generation catalogues.</description>
<description>This item is from Sussex Research Online, which contains information about research produced at Sussex. Not all items have the full text available.</description>
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