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<td class="my-label">
<input type="checkbox" name="user[role_ids][]" id="role_1" value="1" checked="checked" />
<td class="value">
<label for="role_1">Approver</label>
scenario "can un-assign roles for user" do
r = Role.where(name: 'Approver').first
u = create(:user)
u.set_roles :approver
visit edit_admin_user_path u
uncheck 'Approver'
click_button 'Update User'
expect(u.roles).to_not include r

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@chrislerum chrislerum commented Jun 23, 2016

behaves as if uncheck 'Approver' doesn't happen.
this all works in the browser, just can't get the spec working.
is this not how I should be unchecking a checkbox?

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