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Forked from net/1.js
Created April 7, 2016 02:50
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Adding Bootstrap to Phoenix using NPM
// 1. Add Bootstrap as a dependency in package.json
"dependencies": {
"bootstrap": "~3.3.6"
// 2. Modify brunch-config.js
exports.config = {
npm: {
enabled: true,
// Whitelist the npm deps to be pulled in as front-end assets.
// All other deps in package.json will be excluded from the bundle.
whitelist: ["phoenix", "phoenix_html"],
styles: {bootstrap: ["dist/css/bootstrap.css"]}
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michaelforrest commented Apr 28, 2016

Where will the styles end up here - included in app.css?

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How is bootstrap.js loaded?

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linges commented Jan 5, 2017

You can add import "bootstrap" to your app.js.
Make sure to include jQuery as npm dependency and add this to the brunch-config:

npm: {
      globals: {
          $: 'jquery',
          jQuery: 'jquery'

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