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chrismccoy / gutenberg.txt
Last active May 20, 2022
Gutenberg Resources
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How to create a scrollable image gallery block
Turning Off Reusable Blocks
Turning Off The Block Directory
How to Disable the WordPress Block Directory
chrismccoy / restapi.txt
Last active Apr 7, 2022
WordPress REST API Resources
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Add featured image & alt text to WP REST API
Allow ALL cross origin requests to WordPress REST API
WordPress theme using Rest API and Vue.js
WordPress Post from Front End using REST API and Vue.js
View gitcheats.txt
# get list of all author's emails of the repo
git log --format="%ae" | uniq
# shortform git commands
alias g='git'
# show contents of all git objects in a git repo
find .git/objects/ -type f \| sed 's/\.git\/objects\/\///' | sed 's/\///g' | xargs -n1 -I% echo echo "%" \$\(git cat-file -p "%"\) \0 | xargs -n1 -0 sh -c
# push all branches to all remotes