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Last active Sep 2, 2019
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sanitise a database restored from production
sanitise database
remove any production data or permissions
param (
[string] $environment,
[string] $tenantid,
[string] $subscriptionid,
[string] $spn_clientid,
[string] $spn_secret
# powershell sql module
if (-not (Get-Command Invoke-Sqlcmd -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {
Write-Error "Unabled to find Invoke-SqlCmd cmdlet"
install-module sqlserver
update-module sqlserver
if (-not (Get-Module -Name SqlServer | Where-Object {$_.ExportedCommands.Count -gt 0})) {
Write-Error "The SqlServer module is not loaded"
Import-Module SqlServer -ErrorAction Stop
if (-not (Get-Module -ListAvailable | Where-Object Name -eq SqlServer)) {
Write-Error "Can't find the SqlServer module"
install-module sqlserver
update-module sqlserver
Import-Module SqlServer -ErrorAction Stop
az login --service-principal --username $spn_clientid --password $spn_secret --tenant $tenantid
$keyvaultname = "au-key-$environment-1".ToLower()
# get SQL Server admin credentials from key vault
$sqladmin = az keyvault secret show --name 'sqladmin' --vault-name $keyvaultname --query 'value'
$sqlpassword = az keyvault secret show --name 'sqlpassword' --vault-name $keyvaultname --query 'value'
# build sql to clean emails
$sql += "UPDATE contact SET email =''"
$sql += "`n"
$sql += "UPDATE contact SET phone ='0444444444'"
$sql += "`n"
# execute SQL against database
Invoke-SqlCmd -ServerInstance "tcp:auaze-$" -Database "AUAZE-$environment-DEMO" -Username "$sqladmin" -Password $sqlpassword -Query $sql
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