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Dynamic generation of Fulcro Forms options
;;-> In fh ns
;; Can be used in a mutation to assoc-in new options
(defn input-options [[table-name id :as ident] field]
[table-name id ::f/form :elements/by-name field :input/options])
(defn input-default-value [[table-name id :as ident] field]
[table-name id ::f/form :elements/by-name field :input/default-value])
(defn options-generator [data->list-fn item->option-fn list->selected-fn]
(fn [data parent-selection]
(assert data)
(assert (seq data))
(let [list (data->list-fn parent-selection data)
_ (assert (seq list))
options (mapv item->option-fn list)
;_ (println "options" options)
selected (list->selected-fn list parent-selection)
;_ (println "selected" selected)
_ (assert selected (str "No default selected found from: " parent-selection))]
;(println "selected, options" selected options)
[selected options])))
;; Current field value and current options get changed together.
;; have one of these for every dropdown.
;; The inner function here alters state in a swap with thread first macro
(defn dropdown-rebuilder [field-whereabouts options-whereabouts default-value-whereabouts]
(fn [st field-ident options-value]
(-> st
(assoc-in field-whereabouts field-ident)
(assoc-in default-value-whereabouts field-ident)
(assoc-in options-whereabouts options-value))))
;;-> Also called in a mutation. What it returns is what `year-dropdown-rebuilder` needs
;; So selected goes to field-ident and options goes to options-value
(def years-options-generator (fh/options-generator
(fn [_ data]
(dhs/finished-range-of-years nil (:organisation/regular-periods-timespan data)))
#(f/option (keyword (str %)) (str %))
#(-> % first str keyword)))
;;-> In ident ns
(def request-form [:user-request/by-id p/USER_REQUEST_FORM])
;;-> In join ns
(def request-year (conj ident/request-form :request/year))
(def -request-form-input-options (partial fh/input-options ident/request-form))
(def request-year-options (-request-form-input-options :request/year))
(def -request-form-input-default-value (partial fh/input-default-value ident/request-form))
(def request-year-default-value (-request-form-input-default-value :request/year))
;;-> This fn called in a mutation
(def year-dropdown-rebuilder
join/request-year join/request-year-options join/request-year-default-value))

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@chrismurrph chrismurrph commented Nov 15, 2017

finished-range-of-years is missing because it is the actual data. Substitute [2017 2018 2019]. In reality that's where the dynamic (or static!) data comes from, so where you might be fetching the dynamic list of values from.

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