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Literate Ruby

Literate Ruby

Inspired by Literate CoffeeScript.

$ cat
Here's a simple program

    puts "Hello, world"
$ ruby litrb.rb <
Hello, world

Here's a simple program

puts "Hello, world"
eval { |l| l[/^([ ]{4}|\t)/] }.join
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rmosolgo commented Mar 14, 2013

Thanks, very cool! The only problem I had is that if you mark your code with a tab, it trims the first three letters off. I made a little tweak, then used it to make

(although I ran grep -E '^[[ctl-V + TAB]]' > app.rb to get a heroku-deployable version)

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chrismytton commented May 9, 2013

@rmosolgo Hi! Gist doesn't seem to do notifications, but I've updated the script to handle tabs. Basically I've dropped the map completely (because ruby doesn't care about whitespace).

Had a look at your projects, love the use of litrb with sinatra! 👍

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