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View GetGenerationSizes.cs
private long[] GetGenerationSizes(TraceGC gc, bool before)
var sizes = new long[4];
if (gc.PerHeapHistories == null)
return sizes;
for (int heap = 0; heap < gc.PerHeapHistories.Count; heap++)
View OnGarbageCollection.cs
private void OnGarbageCollection(object sender, GarbageCollectionArgs e)
_line.AppendFormat("{0},", e.StartRelativeMSec.ToString());
_line.AppendFormat("{0},", e.Number.ToString());
_line.AppendFormat("{0},", e.Generation.ToString());
_line.AppendFormat("{0},", e.Type);
_line.AppendFormat("{0},", e.Reason);
_line.AppendFormat("{0},", e.IsCompacting.ToString());
_line.AppendFormat("{0},", e.SuspensionDuration.ToString());
View OnStartStop.cs
protected override void OnStart()
string sessionName = $"GcLogEtwSession_{_pid.ToString()}_{Guid.NewGuid().ToString()}";
Console.WriteLine($"Starting {sessionName}...\r\n");
_userSession = new TraceEventSession(sessionName, TraceEventSessionOptions.Create);
Task.Run(() =>
// only want to receive GC event
ClrEventsManager manager = new ClrEventsManager(_userSession, _pid, EventFilter.GC);
View GetProcessGcLog.cs
public static EtwGcLog GetProcessGcLog(int pid)
EtwGcLog gcLog = null;
var process = Process.GetProcessById(pid);
gcLog = new EtwGcLog(pid);
View GetUniqueFilename.cs
private static string GetUniqueFilename(int pid)
var now = DateTime.Now;
string filename = Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory,
return filename;
View MainForGcLog.cs
EtwGcLog gcLog = EtwGcLog.GetProcessGcLog(pid);
var filename = GetUniqueFilename(pid);
// in a simple Console application, wait for the user to press ENTER.
// in a more realistic case, keep track of the EtwLog instance and
// call Stop to end the processing of events when needed.
View GcLogBase.cs
public abstract class GcLogBase : IGcLog
protected string Filename;
private StreamWriter _fileWriter;
public void Start(string filename)
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(filename))
throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(filename));
View IGcLog.cs
public interface IGcLog
void Start(string filename);
void Stop();
View UpdatedReferenceQueue.cs
public class ReferenceQueue<T>
where T : class
internal void Track(T value, PhantomReference<T> reference)
_table.Add(value, reference);
View Program.cs
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)