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using System;
using TestProjectDeaklerinfo;
using TestProjectDeaklerinfo.DealerInfo;
namespace WebServicesTest
class MainClass
public static void Main (string[] args)
Console.WriteLine ("Hello World!");
var response = GetDealerInfo("ACC1", "AAA", "AAA");
private static string GetDealerInfo(string bedrijfscode, string dealercode, string wachtwoord)
WSVDealerInfoServicesService webservice = new WSVDealerInfoServicesService();
WSVDealerInfoInput webservice_i = new WSVDealerInfoInput();
webservice_i.WSVBedrijfscode = bedrijfscode;
webservice_i.WSVDealercode = dealercode;
webservice_i.WSVWachtwoord = wachtwoord;
WSVDealerInfoResult webservice_r = new WSVDealerInfoResult();
webservice_r = webservice.wsvdealerinfo(webservice_i);
return webservice_r.WSVDealerinfo + webservice_r.WSVFoutmelding;
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