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Ubuntu 16.04 Terminal Keywords
gnome-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/Desktop
# create new desktop launcher
dpkg -L <package name>
# see where a package is installed
chmod 777 <filename>
# change permissions to read, write, execute
chmod -R <permissionsettings> <dirname>
# change permissions for all sub directories and files
rm -r <director>
# remove entire directory
gedit ~/.profile
# file for PATH variables
# Create a new directory
cat <filename>
# read a file
echo "This is a test file." > test.txt
# create a test.txt file with "This is a test file." inside
mv -v ~/Downloads/* ~/Videos/
# Move files, folders
unzip <filename>
tar -xvzf <filename>.tar.gz
wget <url>
# download file
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