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Last active Jul 13, 2021
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A summary of everything we know about kOS.

Official site (




Current status (some is rumour!)

2014-10: Hacker News comment from geocar:

  • "This summer, Pierre and I got kOS to boot directly into g (the graphical interface; formally called z) with ISR, keymap, modesetting, basic filesystem, etc weighing in around 100 lines of C. That was pretty exciting. Could probably be done with less with some deeper changes to Arthur's code, but it's still very useful to run k under Linux. Oleg made a silly little game in kOS."
  • "Arthur, Oleg and Pierre use Asus UX31A; I have a MBA. I did the first kernel in qemu, but Pierre got an EFI boot going with Intel modesetting pretty quickly."

2014-12: Hacker News comment from geocar:

  • "kOS doesn't use the Linux kernel code. It supports a few of the same syscalls: clone, execve(!), epoll_create, epoll_ctl, epoll_wait, dup2, stat, rename, unlink, getcwd, chdir, fstat, getdents, open, close, read, write, ftruncate, mmap2, munmap, ioctl, gettimeofday, socket, bind, connect, listen, acccept, socketpair, setsockopt"
  • "execve just runs another k interpreter (regardless of what you tell it to do) though, so it can just be used to run more k programs."

2018-10: "kOS is absolutely still in the works. In fact, he cancelled his attendance at this year's Iverson College at the last minute because he felt he was on a roll with kOS. Specifically, he was succeeding in removing the last few OS dependencies from K."

2018-12: "Arthur succeeded in getting it to run, but eventually got drowned in device drivers."

2019-04: Arthur mentions k/os in a post in the Shakti Google Group, as an OS on which k7 can run.

~ Mysteries ~

What is the "PUTITYYEUOP" at the bottom-right of this video?


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@hashslingrz hashslingrz commented Feb 19, 2020

The contents of this gist would be perfect for the kOS page on the APL Wiki:; at the moment, it is only listed under the external links category. That is to say, this is an open invitation to add a "what we know so far" section to the wiki page if you are so inclined. 😄

Edit: Fixed link.

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