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Comparing performance of different serving mechanisms

Instructions for setting up Asset Manager on EC2 are in


# Create 1MB file
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=1MB.dat  bs=1M count=1

# Upload file
$ curl \
--form "asset[file]=@1MB.dat"

The tests

# Sendfile
$ ab -n500

# Rails proxy
$ ab -n500

# Nginx proxy (with and without cache)
$ ab -n500

# Redirect
# Note: I don't think ab follows the redirect
$ ab -n500


Mechanism Req/sec -n500 -c1 Req/sec -n500 -c5
Sendfile 300 580
Rails proxy 5 9
Nginx proxy 4.6 23
Nginx proxy + cache 200 420
Redirect 237 450
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