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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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This week in IndieWeb (Mon 24th Feb - Sun 2nd Mar)


Evolving IndieWeb

Interesting posts

Software releases

Requests for help

Active pages on the wiki

Summary of IRC

Monday 24th Feb

Tuesday 25th Feb

  • Discussion about microformatted markup making it easier for feed readers to parse the html that they get in atom/rss
  • cweiske appears to be suggesting that we focus on APIs, rather than simply microformats.
  • Tantek found that ATOM is much bigger than just html for posts. “hence my Atom feed only has 3 items now, while my home page has 16.”
  • Discussion about atom/rss versus html + microformats. There were concerns about performance (lots of people querying an index.html page). Tantek points out h-feed ( in response.
  • There’s talk of for PuSH
  • A few people are now adding h-feed to their sites in order to better support the in-development indie-readers.
  • Tom Morris has got some geolocation code updated on his site.

Wednesday 26th Feb

Thursday 27th Feb

  • Made some changes to the wiki to try to make it more approachable
  • Discussion of POSSE to instagram
  • Complaints about FB event page redesign

Friday 28th Feb

What is it

A summary of interesting (entirely subjective, obviously) indieweb related things that have happened during the week. It could live on the web, be sent as an email, or both.


There are lots of great things happening but I'm not sure it's very easy for someone on the outside (and I include myself in that) to see what's going on. I subscribe to a couple of other weekly 'roundup' type emails and quite like being able to see at a glance things that might interest me.


  • IRC logs
  • Twitter search
  • Google search (date restricted)
  • Wiki changes

Questions for indieweb folks

  • Do you think it's useful?
  • Any objections to the title / suggestions for alternatives?
  • Have I missed any obvious sources?
  • Should I include the IRC summaries?
  • Should I include the active pages on the wiki?
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