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Christina Lopez - ADA Application Essay Answers
  1. Why are you interested in programming? What have you done to expose yourself to programming so far?

    Computers are an essential part of our daily life, and software is at the heart of what enables a computer to be smart. I have always had an interest in understanding how to code. I did Electronics and Communication Engineering as my graduate degree, and was exposed to the basics of computer programming as part of my education. I have since sought to teach myself the skill of programming, because I believe there will be a time not too far in the future where everyone will be expected to know to code, just like they know to speak a language.

    I have been trying to take some online courses that will help me with learning to code at a professional level, and so far I have tried out a few programming languages like Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. Although I feel, I need a more organized approach to learning these languages to be able to use them professionally. Thats what I seek to do at Ada Developers Academy.

  2. If you are accepted into our program, where do you see your career in 5 years?

    I want to be working in a professional environment, actively developing code that will have a direct on peoples daily lives. I envision myself working for a company like Google. Additionally, I want to be able to volunteer my time mentoring others along the path of a Developer.

  3. After reading Ada's Vision, Mission and Inclusivity Statement, how will you contribute to Ada's vision for an inclusive and diverse community?

    I wish to Volunteer a couple of hours every week to aid other Woment garner the knowledge and skills, that would be required to work as a Developer. I support Ada's vision to address the lack of diversity in the software indudtry.

  4. Tell us about a time you made a mistake that you learned a lot from. If you encountered the situation again, what would you do differently?

    I recently moved to the US from India and was seeking to find a Job in the software industry. After a lot of applications I finally managed to get an interview for a QA Tester position in a Software firm. In my effort to try and catch up on the skills required to do well in the interview, I focused on understanding the basics of Testing, and in turn spent most of my preparatory hours going through various tutorials and blogs about Testing.

    What I forgot to do was to refresh the basics of my Engineering Education, and the Project that I worked on during my college days. As the interviewers knew that I had no previous experience in the field, what they focused on asking me was about my College Education and my project work. This took me by surprise and I did not perform well in the interview.

    That episode taught me that, I am supposed to refresh the fundumentals of what I have already learned. Additionally, It motivated me to seek a more formal education in the field of Software Development and Testing that will help me be better prepared for my next interview.

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