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christales /
Created April 13, 2021 18:03 — forked from jalcantarab/
Google App Script Examples of some of the Inbenta API endpoints

Inbenta API - Google Apps Script Examples (~JavaScript)

Check out the official documentation of the Inbenta API at Getting Started. This gist is done for API version v1. To check out SDK examples in JavaScript, check this out


All the API access is over HTTPS. The response format for all requests is a JSON object. Whether a request succeeded is indicated by the HTTP status code. A 2xx status code indicates success, otherwise failure. When a request fails, the response body is still JSON.


Authentication is done via HTTP headers, more information in the Authorization section. The calls in this gist all authenticate doing a call to getApiData(), which retrieves a token from POST /auth, and the list of api endpoints from GET /apis.