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I have gotten to a point now where I realize my open source work is not sustainable in combination with family. I have spent a ton of time over the years developing ideas, learning, sharing and engaging with the open source community. It has been a lot of fun, but also exhausting. There is a dark side to doing open source, at least for me. Even though it is a recipe for learning I have also been spending most of my time lost in thought. Thinking about ideas, issues and craving recognition for the stuff that I share. It is not a healthy way to live your life. The cost/benefit was okay for a long time as the only people who were affected by it was my partner and myself, but now with 2 kids I have to stop... I should have stopped when we had our first kid. Sitting for 30 min next to our 4 year old daughter and not even noticing it, because I am working out this new idea in my head. Being impatient and annoyed at our 10 month year old son, because I am amped up by some bug I can not stop thinking about. Cutting my partner short when she just needs some understanding, because I am borderline depressed about not being able to follow through on my own ideas. As you can imagine I am not the greatest person to be around at times and I have decided to change that. I tried reducing my engagement, but it just makes me feel bad about not following up on stuff. I have to go cold turkey on this thing and rather put my open source efforts as part of my work at

Both çerebral and overmind are mature libraries with locked APIs, but they could need someone who has time and energy to maintain them. If there are any questions I am of course open to help, but I can not engage anymore with fixing issues and generally feeling responsible for the community. I have to focus on my family and start paying more attention to the actual experience of life.

Thanks a bunch for all the amazing shared experiences doing open source and keep an eye out for what is happening at, exciting stuff ahead! :)

Please reach out by email or Discord if you want to help!

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latobibor commented Sep 29, 2021

I just want to tell that overmind is a great project and since I am working in a much tinier company I could switch from redux and never looked back.
What you are writing is very true: open source work is unpaid work and as such unavoidably unsustainable. Richer companies need to reach into their pockets to sponsor these projects or else those people will stop maintaining important libraries.

The industry must understand: family and mental health comes first.

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amazing work, but definitely understand why you need to step back, self-care, family, and quality of life

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❤️ I've really appreciated the work that you've done and totally support your decision to prioritize family! I've wrestled with a similar situation and it isn't easy, but it is worth it! I wish you all the best moving forward @christianalfoni !!

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Dear @christianalfoni, I always appreciated the amount of time and energy you put on the state management to rotate its direction toward the correct mindset you had in mind. immer-store, çerebral and overmind. You are one of the most effective people, I've found in the community.

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Hi @christianalfoni. You did a amazing job. Let's hope someone pick it up with the same enthusiasm! In a blog of @aaronksaunders he mentioned overmind. Our entire React Typescript has a heart of overmind, and is working like a charm!! Thanx for this!!!

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Thanks a lot @christianalfoni you've been a true inspiration. The reason I started following you is because of your awesome work in the open source community. I'm planning to start my own OS project soon and been watching a lot of your videos for inspiration. Besides not earning money from OS, you proved to me that it can be a great way to learn. Just know you inspired me, all the from Zimbabwe, Africa to do something great 😄

Too bad I'm only starting out and not confident yet, would've jumped at the opportunity to maintain Overmind.

All the best with your family and future endeavours.

P.S. I love being challenged and obsessing over improving and learning new things. Someday soon I'll apply at

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ssijak commented May 27, 2022

Thank you for all your generous work and great libraries. We all need to disconnect from the screens and work-related stress more, and connect in real life, find a better balance. I hope you do.

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