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#!/usr/bin/env python
import glob
import os
import owners
import owners_finder
owners_db = owners.Database('.', fopen=file, os_path=os.path, glob=glob.glob)
files = ['gcl.bat', '', 'tests/']
owners_f = owners_finder.OwnersFinder(files, '.', '', fopen=file, os_path=os.path, glob=glob.glob)
import pprint
pprint.pprint(owners_db.reviewers_for(['gcl.bat'], ''))
pprint.pprint(owners_db.reviewers_for([''], ''))
pprint.pprint(owners_db.files_not_covered_by(['gcl.bat'], ['']))
pprint.pprint(owners_db.all_possible_owners(files, ''))
pprint.pprint( # Note: interactive
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