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Impersonate your favorite HN commenter
require 'http'
require 'json'
require 'peach'
require 'gabbler'
require 'pry'
USERNAME = "patio11"
unless File.exists?("comments.txt")
def get_json(url)
json = HTTP.get(url).body
value = JSON.parse(json)
user = get_json("{USERNAME}.json")
submitted = user["submitted"]"comments.txt", 'a') do |f|
comment = get_json("{id}.json")
f.puts comment["text"]
comments ="comments.txt")
gabbler =
puts gabbler.sentence
It is entirely independent from the captcha had a day reading XML files.
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A nice set of challenges -- kitty at a school with tens of thousands of bucks a year or less immediately.
Signed, Named Person quot with the ugly alternative.
This is how the game is virtually no drama."
A domain name.
Teachers are not.
Knight just blew 400 million in sales last year and convince them to sign up for trying to get links.
If you think Victor will eventually get it almost lose me X00,000?
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