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what if, when prisoner A kills prisoner B, prisoner A gets prisoner B's sentence taken off theirs?
what if, when prisoner A kills prisoner B, prisoner A gets prisoner B's sentence taken off theirs?
from random import randrange,random
from itertools import count
from operator import itemgetter
class Killer:
status = 'imprisoned'
served = 0
fights = 0
def __init__(self,name,sentence): = name
self.sentence = self.skill = sentence
def __str__(self):
return 'Prisoner %s' %
def prob(a,b):
return a.skill/(a.skill+b.skill)
def round(num_killers,top_skill):
population = killers = [Killer(i,randrange(1,top_skill)) for i,x in zip(alpha,range(num_killers))]
while len(killers)>1:
# print('DAY %i' % day)
i = randrange(0,len(killers)-1) #pick a random killer#
a = killers[i]
others = killers[:i]+killers[i+1:]
expected_gains = [b.sentence*prob(a,b) for b in others]
b = max(zip(expected_gains,others),key=itemgetter(0))[1]
# print('%s fights %s' % (a,b))
dead,live = (b,a) if random()<prob(a,b) else (a,b)
dead.status = 'dead'
live.sentence -= dead.sentence
live.fights += 1
# print('%s died' % dead)
# print('%s has %i days subtracted from their sentence. They now have %i days to serve.' % (live,dead.sentence,live.sentence))
for k in killers:
k.sentence -= 1
k.served += 1
if k.sentence<=0:
k.status = 'released'
# print('%s is released' % k)
killers = [k for k in killers if k.status=='imprisoned']
for k in killers:
k.status = 'released'
# print('Nobody is left in prison')
for k in population:
# print('Prisoner %s: %s, served %i days of original %i day sentence and fought %i prisoners' % (,k.status,k.served,k.skill,k.fights))
released = len([k for k in population if k.status=='released'])
# print('%i prisoners were released' % released)
return released/len(population)
num_rounds = 100
for num_killers in range(2,20):
row = ''
for top_skill in range(2,100):
prob_release = sum([round(num_killers,top_skill) for i in range(num_rounds)])/num_rounds
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