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SSH config file

SSH Config

This is an example ~/.ssh/config file showing a common set-up with the following features:

  1. SSH Agent key forwarding into local virtual machines
  2. SSH Agent key forwarding into remote Acquia servers
  3. SSH alias for a personal account (uses a different SSH key)
  4. Keychain Access configuration for macOS
# Local and guest hosts.
Host localhost *.local
ForwardAgent yes
StrictHostKeyChecking no
UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null
# Acquia Cloud remote hosts.
Host * *
ForwardAgent yes
Host personal-bitbucket
User git
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/personal-bitbucket_rsa
IdentitiesOnly yes
# Other hosts not matched earlier.
# macOS keychain and ssh-agent config.
Host *
AddKeysToAgent yes
UseKeychain yes
UpdateHostKeys yes
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