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Last active December 21, 2015 17:49
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Example of different authenticators in dropwizard
abstract class MyPrincipal {};
class BasicAuthPrincipal extends MyPrincipal {};
class OAuthPrincipal extends MyPrincipal {};
class BasicAuthenticator implements Authenticator<BasicCredentials, BasicAuthPrincipal> {
public Optional<BasicAuthPrincipal> authenticate(BasicCredentials creds) {
return new BasicAuthPrincipal();
class OAuthAuthenticator implements Authenticator<String, OAuthPrincipal> {
public Optional<OAuthPrincipal> authenticate(String creds) {
return new OAuthPrincipal();
class BasicResource
public String get(@Auth BasicAuthPrincipal user) {
return "Basic!"
class OAuthResource
public String get(@Auth OAuthPrincipal user) {
return "OAuth!"
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