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Created November 4, 2018 05:49
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#Custom Collectd Config
LoadPlugin "write_graphite"
<Plugin "write_graphite">
<Node "example">
Host ""
Port "2003"
Prefix "collectd."
#Postfix ""
Protocol "tcp"
#Protocol "udp"
#LogSendErrors false
EscapeCharacter "_"
SeparateInstances true
StoreRates false
AlwaysAppendDS false
LoadPlugin cpu
LoadPlugin load
LoadPlugin memory
LoadPlugin processes
LoadPlugin disk
<Plugin "disk">
Disk "sda1"
Disk "sdb1"
Disk "sdc1"
Disk "dm-0"
Disk "dm-2"
Disk "dm-3"
IgnoreSelected true
<LoadPlugin virt>
Globals false
<Plugin "virt">
Connection "qemu:///system"
RefreshInterval 60
Domain "dom0"
BlockDevice "name:device"
InterfaceDevice "name:interface"
IgnoreSelected true
HostnameFormat "name"
LoadPlugin interface
<Plugin interface>
Interface "lo"
IgnoreSelected true
Include "/etc/collectd.d"
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