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A bash script that let's you issue adb commands to multiple devices at once
# Script adb+
# Usage
# You can run any command adb provides on all your currently connected devices
# ./adb+ <command> is the equivalent of ./adb -s <serial number> <command>
# Examples
# ./adb+ version
# ./adb+ install apidemo.apk
# ./adb+ uninstall
adb devices | while read line
if [ ! "$line" = "" ] && [ `echo $line | awk '{print $2}'` = "device" ]
device=`echo $line | awk '{print $1}'`
echo "$device $@ ..."
adb -s $device $@

Just wanted to let you know I'm using this, works great; Thanks.


Hi, I have created the windows version of the same at ADB+.BAT!


Still using it thanks Mr. Chris P.

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