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Greetings Conferenciantes,

We have blissfully obtained records of every single one of you who registered for the Conferencia Rails 2011.

We're keeping them under lock and key though... so don't worry about your privacy (...until we finish re-formatting them for release)

...NO! WAIT! Wrong press release. Here goes...

Greetings Conferenciantes!

We are told that 8 hours of workshops and scrubbing the decks under the hot spanish sun would make a whale thirsty, so we would like to invite you to share a few mugs of mead with us.

This year, we won't embarrass you by asking you to sing pirate songs in front of everyone. We won't stop you either though, if you fancy yourself a bit of a bard.


Wednesday, July 13th 2011 @21:30 onwards


Bar 4 Latas Calle de la Palma 66, Madrid

The nearest Metro is Noviciado (L2, L3, L10) but Plaza España, San Bernando and Tribunal are also within walking distance.

(we don't link to any webmap services we haven't hacked yet, and as our ascii cartographer has had a couple of his fingers chopped off by a very angry parrot you are on your own finding the place)

The mead in this tavern is top notch, and you can also pay with gold teeth. And, if any of you sissies are thinking of plundering a nearby eatery beforehand (i.e. cheat), may we suggest:

The Crew

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